Canadian Rockies Trip 2013

May 30th to June 7th, 2013: Canadian Rockies. As Janet is always very fond of saying, "Canada is a big country!" We flew to Calgary via Toronto with our good friends Don and Julie and spent one night there. Then we drove on to the Rockies and stayed at a place just south of Canmore. We had a couple days of rain and it looked like the Rockies really needed it -- the level of several of the lakes was way down. Banff Springs Hotel was magnificent. I have to be sure and try and check out the movie "River of No Return" starring Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum which was filmed in the area in 1953-54.

We hiked around Lake Louise and Canmore. Yes, the lake water was really that turquoise color from all the minerals in the glaciers! Then Don and I got to spend a glorious hour or so at the Banff Hot Springs.

When the sun finally came out in earnest, we took a day trip up to the Columbia Icefields to look at and experience the glaciers up close and personal. It was extraordinary and beautiful. Even stuck our water bottles in to take an ice cold drink of glacier water.

There were several more days of museums and hikes because the Canadian Rockies are just one National Park followed by another with a few Provincial Parks thrown in for good measure. We even got to visit the abandoned coal town of Bankhead.

The whole area is simply gorgeous!

Day 1 Photos - Calgary
Day 1 Photos by Don- Calgary
Day 2 Photos - Banff
Day 2 Photos by Don - Banff
Day 3 Photos - Lake Louise
Day 3 Photos by Don - Lake Louise
Day 4 Photos - Canmore
Day 4 Photos by Don - Canmore
Day 5 Photos - Banff Hot Springs
Day 5 Photos by Don - Banff Hot Springs
Day 6 Photos - Columbia Icefields
Day 6 Photos by Don - Columbia Icefields
Day 7 Photos - More Banff and Museums
Day 7 Photos by Don - More Banff and Museums
Day 8 Photos - Provincial Parks
Day 8 Photos by Don - Provincial Parks
Day 9 Photos - Banff Mountain Gate