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  1. Easter 2024

    March 31, 2024: It was nice to able to host Easter dinner for our family at our house this year. It's been awhile. I'm very thankful that Janet felt up to the task and that she is feeling stronger day-by-day. It was a pitch-in, but she still made the main …

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  2. Thanksgiving in Bloomington 2023

    November 23, 2023: What a beautiful day to travel to Bloomington to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday at Charles and Tessa's house.

    And this year Will and Stephanie along with Ben, 6th grade, and Lilly, 3rd grade, were able to join us, so that made for a very special celebration. They …

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  3. Family Gatherings

    September 13, 2020: PANDEMIC Family Gatherings: Ever since the Pandemic started in March 2020, getting together with Family has been somewhat difficult. Especially before the vaccines became readily available in early 2021. We decided that using our front and screened porches was a viable option as long as the weather …

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  4. Purl

    July 25, 2020: PANDEMIC Purl! Janet wanted a new dog. This was not a spur of the moment thought. She had been thinking about it for some time, so as part of the planning I installed a new doggy door in a screen door off our living room and had …

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  5. Thanksgiving & Tessa's Birthday

    November 28, 2019: THANKSGIVING 2019 & Tessa's Birthday. Charles and Tessa hosted our Thanksgiving dinner and family gathering this year. It also happened to be Tessa's birthday, which was fun to celebrate. Melissa, Mariam and Jeff were also able to join us.n


    Here is a short video of some …

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  6. Family Gathering at the Farm

    October 12, 2019: My sister, Joyce, and I hosted all our families for a Fall Get-Together and luncheon at the farm in Benton County. Luckily, we had a beautiful sunny Fall Saturday, even though the weather was quite chilly and windy. It's been 22 years since our Mother's passing and …

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  7. Family Christmas Party 2015

    Dec 20, 2015: We were very thankful to once again be able to host a small family Christmas Party. Last year, we were forced to cancel because of Jane's mid-December emergency appendectomy surgery and very serious follow-up complications. But this year, everyone seemed healthy and well and enjoying all the …

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  8. Christmas 2014

    December 2014 / January 2015: This has been a pretty stressful Christmas season and I'm glad it is behind us. Jane went to the hospital on December 17th with severe stomach/bowel pain. She was diagnosed have acute appendicitis and ended up have her appendix taken out that same evening.
    Five …

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  9. Brandt Family Xmas Party at the IMA 2013

    Since Janet is a docent with the IMA, she arranged for our extended family to enjoy a Christmas tour of the Lilly House and hopefully see a little of the rest of the Indianapolis Museum of Art as well. We then had a little get together in the Fountain Room …

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  10. Day at the Farm

    My sister, Joyce, invited us up to see her handiwork of the past several months at the Eastburn farmhouse in Benton County and it was really quite a striking transformation. The weather was partly sunny, but still a very eye-watering cold 28 degrees and windy outside. However once inside the …

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  11. Eastburn Farm

    Eastburn Farm 1974-1999: Here are pictures of many Eastburn Farm events starting in 1974 and going through 1999. For the most part, these are scanned photos. There are also a few just Brandt family photos. This is pretty much everything my parents had in their photo album of the farm …

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  12. Late Spring Claudia Visit 2013

    June 15th-21st, 2013: Janet's sister, Claudia, was able to come for a nice visit. We celebrated Father's Day on the 16th, hosted a party for friends on the 18th and then traveled to Columbus, IN to tour the Miller house and on to Bloomington to spend time with Charles and …

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  13. Easter 2013

    March 31, 2013: The stars aligned in a particular way so that we decided to celebrate Easter on Saturday in lieu of Sunday. First, we helped my Nephew Will and his wife Stephanie celebrate the first birthday of their son Benjamin on Saturday from noon to 2 pm. You could …

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