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  1. Vincinnes & New Harmony 2023

    August 31, 2023: George Rogers Clark National Historical Park and New Harmony, IN: We took a little two day road trip with good friends, Don and Julie, to visit a few sites in southwest Indiana and southeast Illinois. Weather was perfect, sunny and in the mid seventies. Friday, we drove …

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  2. Epic Campus Tour 2021

    October 30, 2021: EPIC CAMPUS TOUR: As part of Sam and Katie's Wedding Weekend, we were able to go see where Sam works at Epic in Madison, WI. Sam had arranged for one of his buddies, Ben, to be our tour guide. He provided a wonderful 2 hour narrated walking …

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  3. Shades State Park 2021

    October 22, 2021: SHADES STATE PARK: We took a little Friday morning road trip to visit Shades State Park, as well as the double-arch covered bridge spanning Sugar Creek. Weather was rainy and 50 degrees. Purl didn't care for it at all. We'll have to go back when the weather …

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  4. Louisville Day trip 2021

    March 30, 2021: LOUISVILLE DAY TRIP: Janet and I drove to Louisville for one of our very few pandemic (post vaccine) outings, with the plan of visiting an Art Museum of Paper Clothing Fashions. This turned out to be a total bust, as the museum was closed on the particular …

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  5. Winterthur & Mystic 2018

    Oct 2018 - Winterthur & Mystic: Janet and I drove to the Wilmington, DE area for a very special occasion. Janet's first embroidered casket was part of a special exhibit at Winterthur -- museum of decorative arts.

    Oct 17th, Wednesday, Day 1: Visited Gettysburg & then drove to Wilmington, DE
    Day 1 - Gettysburg Canon …

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  6. New Mexico - Sept 2018

    Sept 8th-15th: From Missions to Monuments, Museums, Fort Marcy and even Meow Wolf .... mmmm, mmmm, good! .... it is truly the Land of Enchantment (New Mexico slogan)!! Janet and I spent a wonderful week in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area along with our daughter, Jane, who was able to schedule …

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  7. Mystic, CT and New England 2017

    Sept 6th to Sept 17th, 2017: Janet and I drove to Mystic, CT for Noah and Tammy's wedding. Then stayed on in the area for several meet-ups that included the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the fabulous Franklin and South Manchester train layout. Total mileage: 2,230 miles.

    Pictures …

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  8. California 2017

    AUGUST 2017 TRIP TO THE SIERRAS: We traveled with good friends Don and Julie from August 5th (Janet's Birthday) thru August 16th, visiting several of our great National Parks including Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon in California. We were most fortunate to be able to visit Yosemite Valley between bouts …

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  9. Colorado 2017

    June 19th to June 30th, 2017: Eleven days total. Drove to Colorado. First, took a stroll through downtown cultural area of Denver. Visited the Colorado Railroad Museum on the west side of Denver. Then headed for the mountains and point west. Rode 6 1/2 trains (more on that later …

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  10. Red River Gorge & Lexington 2016

    June 22nd thru 25th: Red River Gorge & Lexington, Kentucky. Janet and I traveled to Kentucky for a few days of recreation and relaxation to see some of what that state has to offer. First, we stayed within the Natural Bridge State Park at Hemlock Lodge for a couple of nights …

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  11. Florida Trip - Spring 2016

    We got to spend a few weeks of late winter, early spring in Naples, Florida at a house that Virginia had leased. This area is extremely beautiful and has many fond memories to me. Now-a-day, money seems to be no object, as small jets are constantly coming and going from …

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  12. Scotland 2015

    This was our first visit to Scotland, Oct 4th thru the 14th, 2015 and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We were based in Edinburgh. The weather was fairly mild, mostly overcast days with a couple of gorgeous sunny days thrown in. The Scots were very friendly and helpful. Their mass transit …

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  13. Florida - March 2015

    March 15th-31st; Florida: We got to spend the last half of March in Florida or at least I did. Janet had to fly home after the first week because Jane had to go back to the hospital due to continued pain and problems from her earlier surgery. Fortunately she was …

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  14. England Trip 2014

    August 16th to September 5th 2014: Janet and I traveled to England so that she could attend a special Embroidery Class in Bath as well as celebrate a 40th Anniversary of being in London on Polyark during college. It was very special that Don and Julie could be with us …

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  15. Mystic Birthday Reunion - Acadia 2014

    May 29th, 2014 - June 9, 2014: Janet and I traveled to Mystic, CT for a Birthday Reunion party for Noah, 30 and George 60. Two great reasons to get together and celebrate. And a special thanks to Claudia who prepared all the great food and snacks. Then Noah proposed to …

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  16. Naples, FL 2014

    We got to spend a couple of weeks in Naples, FL with Janet's mother, Virgina. After the winter we've had, this was a welcomed break. We drove to Del Ray to visit Jim and Janet over the weekend and got to see the brand new (just opened to the public …

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  17. Canadian Rockies Trip 2013

    May 30th to June 7th, 2013: Canadian Rockies. As Janet is always very fond of saying, "Canada is a big country!" We flew to Calgary via Toronto with our good friends Don and Julie and spent one night there. Then we drove on to the Rockies and stayed at a …

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  18. Florida 2013

    Nothing better that Florida in February. Janet and I took a few days off to visit with her Mom in sunny Naples. The weather was great and the beach was an easy 3 block stroll from her apartment. Not bad at all.

    We arrived on Sunday, Feb 3rd, 2013, and …

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  19. Yellowstone 2012

    July 17th-July 28th, 2012 GRAND TETON AND YELLOWSTONE: We traveled west with Don and Julie to visit a couple of our country's most famous (and with good reason) National Parks. Words alone cannot describe the amazing beauty and diversity of these places, so Don and I took several thousand photos …

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