Mystic Birthday Reunion - Acadia 2014

May 29th, 2014 - June 9, 2014: Janet and I traveled to Mystic, CT for a Birthday Reunion party for Noah, 30 and George 60. Two great reasons to get together and celebrate. And a special thanks to Claudia who prepared all the great food and snacks. Then Noah proposed to Tammy and fortunately for him, she accepted! Victoria and Anthony, from Salt Lake City, were also able to join in the fun. Their mother Nada, Virginia's sister, very recently passed away from pancreatic cancer so it was good that they were able to set aside their loss for a bit while celebrating life with family and friends.

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Link to the pics Suzy took

Sisters reminiscing
Noah's excellent timelapse
A little Birch Plain golf
George's 60th Birthday Cake
Suzy on the Sabino
On the Sabino going under the Mystic River bridge

We then traveled up to Mt Desert island in Maine to see Acadia National Park for a few days. It was well worth the seven hour drive from Mystic.

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Then we drove back down to Massachusetts and saw the Lowell Historic Park area centered around the the cotton mills and educating us about the good and bad sides of the Industrial Revolution.

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Boott Cotton Mill looms in action

On our way to visit with Catherine and Harry in Williamsburg, MA we took a detour to Brattleboro, Vermont for some things Janet wanted to see.

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Singing bowls
House tour

And finally, we went to the Berkshires area and Stockbridge in western Massachusetts and saw the Norman Rockwell Museum and Daniel Chester French's country home and Museum before stopping in Goshen, Connecticut to visit with Suzy and Gregg.

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