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  1. BNO Zoom Calls

    March 30, 2020: PANDEMIC BNO Zoom Calls: Towards the beginning of the Pandemic, we all realized that our way of lives had indeed changed. We were basically all trapped in our homes and only ventured out for basic groceries and necessities. So Arthur started organizing Zoom calls with something he …

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  2. Yosemite 2013

    Yosemite May 11th-May 18th: Chris, Ron and Arthur took a trip to Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia to experience the Sierra Nevada. Ron and I flew through Denver to San Francisco, then rented an SUV for a 3 hour drive to Yosemite. We arrived on Saturday, so got to spend …

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  3. BNO Florida 2012

    February 2012: Jim invited the Boyz down for a week of fun, sun, cards, etc. in Boca Raton at his new Condo. Janet had coincidentally traveled back north to be with family. The weather was ideal. We canoed through gator invested Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and spent an afternoon at …

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  4. BNO Florida Feb 2011

    February 14th to 19th, 2011: Jim invited us down to Florida for an extended BNO. Looks like he's becoming a permanent fixture on the southeast coast and who can blame him? Arthur couldn't make it so Ron's son, Marty, filled in as the fourth for cards and fun. I don't …

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  5. BNO Florida - February 2010

    February 7th - 11th, 2010 We had an extended BNO in Florida this year. Thanks to Jim renting a condo for a month, we took advantage of his hospitality for a few days in what would otherwise be a very wintry cold February. Thank you, Jim!!! His condo is on Key …

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  6. BNO Utah - 2009

    May 27th to June 3rd, 2009 - Boyz Week Out; Utah & Las Vegas.

    We were able to make it back to southern Utah to explore some new territory. Of course Arthur had already seen most of the areas we visited. But it was still a great time to be visiting these …

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  7. Boys Night Out - Colorado 2008

    July 17th to July 22, 2008: BOYZ NIGHT OUT -- COLORADO. Arthur, Ron, Jim and I spent a wonderful few days in Southwestern Colorado. This was an area, Jim was already familiar with so he was able to point us to the highlights and hotspots. We stayed in Ouray, pronounced "U-ray …

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  8. Boyz Night Out - Utah 2007

    July 18 - 22: Boyz Night Out - Utah: Ron, Arthur, Jim and I traveled to Utah for and extended Boyz Night Out to see some of the natural wonders that state has to offer. We spent time camping in the Moab / Canyonlands area. Needless to say it was hot!! 100+ degrees …

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