Red River Gorge & Lexington 2016

June 22nd thru 25th: Red River Gorge & Lexington, Kentucky. Janet and I traveled to Kentucky for a few days of recreation and relaxation to see some of what that state has to offer. First, we stayed within the Natural Bridge State Park at Hemlock Lodge for a couple of nights. The weather was pretty lousy for most of our time, but we still were able to take in quite a few hikes and a lot of beautiful scenery. The storms downed many trees and made some of our walks more of an adventure than we had anticipated. I think "Diversity" would be the key word of the trip. Going from hiking one day to being pampered at Lexington's 21c hotel the next. Also dining at Miguel's Pizza Thursday evening and then Dudley's in downtown Lexington for a late lunch on Friday. But both were very good in their own way.

Red River Gorge Area Photos

Lexington Area Photos