Florida Trip - Spring 2016

We got to spend a few weeks of late winter, early spring in Naples, Florida at a house that Virginia had leased. This area is extremely beautiful and has many fond memories to me. Now-a-day, money seems to be no object, as small jets are constantly coming and going from Naples airport and multi-million dollar homes are the norm. I checked the prices of a few of the new home construction sites and the cost per square footage was in the $900 to $1000 per square foot range. Landscape contractors are plentiful and busy. I either walked or rode my bike every day. Janet tried to spend as many hours at the beach as she could tolerate.

What made this trip most special was that both Charles and Tessa were able to come by for a brief visit on their Spring break and Jane flew down for a few days as well. We all had a great visit.

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