Thanksgiving in Bloomington 2023

November 23, 2023: What a beautiful day to travel to Bloomington to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday at Charles and Tessa's house.

And this year Will and Stephanie along with Ben, 6th grade, and Lilly, 3rd grade, were able to join us, so that made for a very special celebration. They were also able to bring my sister Joyce and Mary along with them, so Mary wouldn't have to worry about hitting another deer with her car like she has in the past.

Melissa brought Miriam, 2nd grade, and we all got to meet Jeff and Melissa's new daughter, Bristol, which just added to the joy of the occasion. Unfortunately we missed seeing Jeff this Thanksgving holiday, as commercial piloting duties called.

Tessa's good friend Ann was also able to join in the festivities. But really, she's more like family, too.

We got to inspect the new ADU (Accessary Dwelling Unit) and two car garage project that is very close to wrapping up as the Punch List is being worked on and final work items are being checked off. Just needs some window treatments, shower curtain, closet shelving, furniture, towels and linen, pots and pans, forks and knives and they'll be ready to move in and spend the night.

I've included a Halloween photo of our Pointadore, Purl, because she really, really wanted to come with us to Bloomington, and she was sadly disappointed. Of course, her tail began wagging again as soon as we got back home. Dogs attitudes are the best. By the way, she won Best Halloween costume, as her costume was a skunk, like Pepe-Le-Pew. Voting was done by the staff at Five-Points.


Here's a very short video clip of the Deck Dollys:

Video of the Deck Dollys

And finally in remembrance of Tessa's Mom, as performed by Julie:

Ode to Patricia

This was performed live at Patricia's Celebration of Life earlier this fall.