The Powers Family, 1654-1937

March 27, 2024: This is a digitized copy of the Powers Family, 1654-1937 binder that my mother had purchased and gave to me back in 1984. I made a field trip in 1999 after my mother's passing and I've included some pictures from that outing as well. There is quite a lot of very well documented family history here from my mother's side of the family. Each page is a high resolution JPG. There is also a PDF file of the entire binder, that can be downloaded.

Individual Pages and Photos

The Powers Family, 1965-1937

This is the entire binder in one very large (525MB) PDF file. This will take a while to download and open.

June 19, 2024: My sister, Joyce had a binder of things she had been collecting or gotten from my mother after her death that had to do with updating or supplimating the Powers Family book. She might have gotten this information after my father's death, because the binder was dated 2008. Everything in that binder has been scanned and can be viewed in the following reference.

White Binder Individual Pages and Photos