Calista Creel Brandt Memoir 1995 and more Creel photos

April 19, 2024: This is my mother's story, as she wrote during 1995. Scanned in April 2024. I've also included many miscellaneous scanned old Creel photos as well as a few more of my Father.

Pages and Photos

I also transcribed this document to make it a little more legible and is now a much smaller file. PDF format.

Calista Creel Brandt Memoir

Here are some photos of my Great Grandmother - Edna Browning Wood Creel. She was married to Thomas Jefferson Creel. Here, also, are some of her miscellaneuos letters, etc.

Photos and Letters

An Autograph Album was something Edna did when she was a child in Metz, Indiana. Then when Edna was up in years, she started keeping a 5-Year Diary while living in Angola, Indiana.

Album and Diary individual pages

The small Autograph Album can be downloaded as one PDF file here:

Edna's Autograph Album

The 5-Year Diary from 1938 to 1941 can be downloaded as one PDF file here:

Edna's 5-Year Diary